Cailum Finnegan

I’ve been tutoring full-time for a couple of years now, working with pupils in all sorts of different environments. Working one-to-one with pupils means that I can really get to know them, which enables me to cater my tuition to their interests and provide a learning environment where they can feel comfortable. This is the biggest difference between the work that I do and being in a classroom - I'm preparing lessons just for you!  


Craig Rose

As a full-time tutor, I enjoy going over subject content in a way that's much more interactive than traditional classroom teaching. We don't just look at what you need to learn, but also why it's important and how your subject knowledge can link to real life. I'm happy to work tasks around your interests and present work in a way that's interesting and easy to understand. These sessions are here to work for you!


Sarah Thrussell

I’ve been a tutor for over four years now and have tutored at lots of schools all over Manchester!

Tutoring isn’t just ‘extra school’ - it’s designed around exactly what you would like to learn and is a brilliant chance for some extra help in those topics you find challenging, or even to support you to extend beyond what you’re learning in school. 

In our first session, we’ll spend some time getting to know each other and finding out what you’d like to achieve. Your teachers will have an idea of some topics we could look at that might help you in your main lessons, but just let me know if there are any topics or questions that you would like some extra help with, and we can work it into our sessions.

There’s absolutely no silly questions and tutoring is a chance for learning to be planned completely about you- not everyone else in your class- but you, so is a really positive thing!

Genna Rose Timewell


I've been teaching Maths, English and Employability in a Special Educational Needs College in Oldham for the past six years. 

I believe that, with the right support from committed people willing to support their ambitions, any child is able to achieve and build in confidence, to help them towards a brighter future.