Core Tutor Training

Tutor Trust Core Tutor Training certificate

Programme Outline

This certificate recognises the tutor’s dedication, hard work, and achievement in completing Tutor Trust’s Core Tutor Training programme.

The programme equips trainees with the essential skills and knowledge to tutor small groups of Primary or Secondary pupils. It signifies their readiness to deliver high-quality, bespoke sessions that are engaging and impactful.

Tutor Trust’s Core Training is curated by an in-house team of qualified teachers, alongside partners at The University of Manchester’s Institute for Education (MIE). Tutor Trust is also a recipient of two successful Randomised Control Trials (RCT) from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), the gold standard of tutoring, and an honorary teaching award from The University of Manchester.

Throughout the programme, trainees have completed the following modules and content:

Module 1: Welcome to Tutor Trust

  • Explore the mission and purpose of Tutor Trust
  • Understand the significance and role of a tutor

Module 2: High-quality tuition

  • Learn the building blocks of effective tuition
  • Develop strategies for delivering high-quality tutoring sessions

Module 3: Subject-specific tuition

  • Effectively share your passion for your chosen subject
  • Acquire techniques for engaging and inspiring learners

Module 4: Getting started

  • Cultivate competencies essential for successful tutoring
  • Prepare for your first tuition session

Please note: This certificate does not count as a reference for employers and is not a direct indicator of tuition quality. Tutor Trust can only provide a reference for tutors who have completed at least 30 hours of tuition, in addition to completing the Core Training programme. If you are an employer requesting a reference for your candidate, please email: