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Why choosing Tutor Trust is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Three good reasons for your school to work with us in 2024/2025


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As we approach the end of the 2023 - 2024 academic year and the National Tutoring Programme (NTP), we’re looking ahead to September and how we can continue to make our high-quality tutoring as accessible as possible.

With the NTP coming to an end in August it will make it even more difficult for many schools to continue to access the vital support that tutoring can provide. As a charity, pupils are our priority – not profit. The generosity of our funders means that we have been able to keep the cost of our tuition the same for schools.

1.  We’re keeping the costs of our tutoring affordable

This time last year, we reduced the headline cost of our tutoring for 2023/2024 by 20%. This meant that we could absorb the 10% reduction in NTP funding. For the academic year 2024/2025, we’ve reduced our costs for the second year running, with tuition now costing only £30 per hour.

Another change that we’ll be making in the next academic year is making the option to increase group sizes to 1:4 available to all schools. This is based on feedback from schools and follows a successful pilot which showed that increasing group sizes had no effect on our high attainment outcomes.

This means that, based on the new costs and the increased group sizes, a 15-hour programme would be £450, which then equates to only £7.50 per pupil per hour.

  • £ 450

    Cost of a 15 week programme

  • £ 7

    per pupil, per hour

2. We’re a trusted partner with over a decade of experience

We’ve been working with schools across the north of England for 12 years, and we know that school budgets are under unprecedented levels of pressure. We’ve collaborated with more than 700 schools to support over 30,000 pupils. As a Northern charity, we understand the regional educational landscape and provide a localised and tailored approach in each of our three regions.

Our school partners trust us to provide the highest quality tutoring to their pupils and, in 2023/2024, 97% of school leaders who worked with us said that they would recommend us to another school.

  • 12

    years offering exceptional tutoring in the north of England

  • 700

    schools collaborated with since our founding

  • 30000

    pupils supported by our tutors

3. We make it easy for schools and colleges to work with us

Our aim is to make working with us as straightforward as possible. Understanding the time pressures that school leaders are under means that the process of working with is quick and easy. In fact, setting up a tutoring programme with us is so simple it can be explained in less than a minute:

Ease of communication was flagged as being the second most popular thing that school leaders liked about working with us (the first being the high quality of our tutoring!)

They were quick to respond, friendly and professional and prepared well with online meetings before the children started.”
Nick Hemingway, Deputy Headteacher, Meadowfield Primary, Leeds

Tutor Trust CEO Ed Marsh says:

Despite the change in landscape for tutoring, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for schools to work with us, in order to support as many young people as possible across our three regions.”

We’re delighted that, thanks to our generous funders, we can continue to offer schools access to our high-quality tutoring at a rate that hopefully offsets the closure of the NTP. Working in such close partnership with schools means that we see first-hand just how stretched their budgets are. We sincerely hope that being able to offer our tutoring at the same rate to schools as last year will enable us to continue to collaborate with schools in providing support to students who would otherwise be able to gain access to a tutor.”
Ed Marsh, Tutor Trust CEO

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