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Ed Talks: Reflecting on a busy Easter

We've been helping pupils get exam-ready ahead of the new Summer term


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I hope you've all had a restful Easter break and enjoyed the brief glimpse of the sun we had up in the North! I can’t quite believe we’re now in the last term of the academic year and entering exam season.

Before looking ahead to what lies ahead this term, I’d love to share some of our highlights from the Easter break. We’ve been working with schools across all three of our regions to provide holiday tutoring for Year 6 and Year 11 pupils. This enabled pupils to gain some additional support ahead of SATs and GCSEs.  

Across the holidays, we supported more than 150 pupils with English, Maths and Science tutoring. We worked with our partner schools to identify areas in which students needed additional support, so that we could provide more bespoke programmes. 

Scott Cordon from King’s Leadership Academy, Liverpool, said:

It was impressive to observe our Year 11 students diligently engaging with the English and Maths teachers from Tutor Trust. This collaboration has not only enhanced their disciplinary subject knowledge but also strengthened their exam preparation, setting a solid foundation for their upcoming GCSEs"
Scott Cordon, Headteacher - King's Leadership Academy
King's Leadership Academy Feedback

We also had some wonderful comments from the students there:

"The Tutor Trust tutors are incredible! They gave us 36 hours of intense Maths and English help over Easter, with 3/4 tutors each hour we had loads of personalised help."
"Some of us have been going to their sessions every week, and it's like working with mentors who actually care."
"Tutor Trust tutors don't mess around with generic stuff. They tailor our exam practice to what our own teachers tell them about us. It's like having a secret weapon for tests!"
"I love how Tutor Trust tutors get us. They don't just throw lessons at us; they make them fit what we need to learn. It's like having a tutor who can read your mind!"
"When it comes to getting better at school, Tutor Trust tutors are the real deal. With all those hours of help, the friendships we make, and the personalised sessions are setting us up for success."

We’ll also be running revision schools in the May half term. If you’d like to find out more about our holiday clubs, get in touch and we can discuss how we can work together. 

As well as providing additional revision sessions, our Programme Director Mark Wyss ran a fantastic webinar for parents and carers on becoming a GCSE examination champion. Mark drew on his experience as a teacher and a headteacher to provide invaluable tips and ideas on the best way to support young people as they prepare for their exams, as well as some proven revision techniques.

Mark Wyss' Revision Tips

Consider their needs

Speak to them about what works best for them. Have a dedicated revision space and a tidy environment where your young person can concentrate properly.

Revision Takeover

Give them free rein to take over the house with their revision materials. It won't be forever, but will encourage them to see the information they need, where and when they feel comfortable.

All the gear? Right idea!

Ensure they have a toolkit of stationary essentials, including Post-it notes, and markers, so they have everything they need to memorise the content.

Break it down

Encourage revising in manageable chunks. 'Cramming' or spending too much time revising can have a negative impact. It can also lead to stress or burnout. Help create a revision timetable with a half-hour block for each subject or topic. Mark advises no more than 6 (but ideally 4) topics per day, and leisure and re-testing time should be factored in too.

GCSE Revision Webinar

The webinar is relevant for anyone who knows young people studying for tests and exams – not just GCSEs. Watch our GCSE exam revision webinar on-demand today, and share it with anyone you think might find it useful.

Play video

Watch Mark's GCSE Revision webinar now

Looking to Summer Term 2024

Focusing on the Summer term, there’s lots to look forward to. We’ll shortly be announcing the winners of our first-ever Speak Up North writing competition, and we’re looking forward to hosting another Generative AI webinar, Chat GPT for educators: Practical approaches to lesson planning on 7th May. You can reserve your spot now – places are limited. If you’re interested in the webinar but can’t attend on the day, please sign up and we’ll send you a free recording and resources after the session. We’d love to see you there.

So far this academic year we’ve worked with almost 4,800 pupils and our tutors have delivered an incredible 21,000 hours of tuition. I’m extremely proud and hugely grateful that we’ve been able to support so many young people this year, when school budgets are tighter than ever. As we approach the end of the academic year we're working to make our prices as affordable as possible for schools, if subsidies are not extended beyond Summer. 

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the new term and I look forward to sharing more news over the coming months.

A pupil is smiling and looking eagerly at the tutor during a tuition session.

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