Recipients of the University of Manchester Medal of Honour standing in a line with their awards

Founders receive prestigious University Medal of Honour

Tutor Trust's Co-Founders have received a prestigious award from the University of Manchester


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Abigail Shapiro and Nick Bent have received the University of Manchester's Medal of Honour, the highest non-degree award that can be bestowed by the University

This achievement is a testament not only to the huge number of lives that have been changed thanks to Nick and Abigail’s vision and tenacity, but also to the positive and enduring partnership that exists between Tutor Trust and the University of Manchester.  

The award recognises individuals who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the University, the city and the wider region. Nick and Abigail received the medal in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the university’s social responsibility goal by improving the life chances of young people across the city. The recipients were honoured at a ceremony which took place last night at Christie’s Bistro at the Whitworth Hall.  Abigail and Nick were joined on the evening by long-standing Tutor Trust colleagues and past and present Trustees. This award recognises the fact that, as well as supporting young people in schools in predominantly lower-income areas, we’ve also provided invaluable teaching experience to thousands of students across Manchester and the North. 

Professor April McMahon, Vice-President for Teaching, Learning and Students at the University of Manchester presented Nick and Abigail with their awards and said: 

Thank you, Nick and Abigail for the quality opportunities you've given so many University of Manchester students to enhance their sense of civic duty. Those experiences support them as socially responsible graduates of tomorrow, and many of them go on to forge successful careers in education directly because of that experience with you. We want to honour you both personally too, for the work that you've done to forge such successful partnerships.

Your values in establishing the Tutor Trust for education to improve the world and create a better tomorrow are such a good match for our socially responsible values at the University of Manchester… we thank and honour your partnership and the impact that we’ve made together through the Tutor Trust. We look forward to working with you to transform even more lives together over the next decade.”
Professor April McMahon, Vice-President Teaching, Learning and Students - University of Manchester

Abigail smiles broadly as she is presented with the medal by Professor April McMahon

We are delighted that the positive impact of Tutor Trust has been recognised by one of our most long-standing partners, highlighting the success of tutoring as an intervention for young people in Manchester and beyond. As we look ahead to International Women’s Day tomorrow, we’re also extremely proud that Abigail was the sole female recipient of the award. Speaking of Abigail, and the work that she does with the University specifically, April said: 

“Abigail, on top of your work with Tutor Trust, we appreciate your wider support to the University through your membership of the General Assembly…you are an incredible connector, and a wider advocate for our university. The words ‘no’ or ‘too difficult’ do not seem to figure in your vocabulary at all.” 

In her speech, Abigail said:    

I am a proud Mancunian and proud to be able to represent our great city across the North and more recently at a national level.  Everyone here has helped build Tutor Trust to the point of our now having the credibility, track record & evidence to be recognised as a leader in our field.  Together …. we are championing the work of our tutors in serving young people who couldn’t otherwise access a great tutor.”
Abigail Shapiro, Co-Founder and Executive Director

After departing Tutor Trust in 2022, Nick is now CEO of UpReach and continues in his work on social mobility. Other recipients of the medal were Andrew Brode, Chairman of RWS Group, who was recognised for his outstanding contributions to education through his philanthropic activities, at the University and more widely, and Justin Watson, CEO of YPF Trust, who was awarded the Medal in recognition of his outstanding services to children and young people. 


Abigail and Nick with the Tutor Trust team

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