Today we launch our brand new, fully-resourced scheme of work for Key Stage 4 pupils – GCSE Maths Foundations. This has been created by our in-house team of subject matter experts (many of whom are former teachers) and is designed to progress borderline KS4 students who are currently working at a grade 3 in Maths to a grade 4 or 5.

This 15-hour scheme of work has been developed based on feedback from our tutors, teachers and pupils. It aims to prepare students for the type of questions they’re likely to face in the exam and focuses predominantly on number and algebra (to reflect the fact that a high proportion of exam questions are on these topics). There is also a session on shape and space, however topics are interwoven so that nothing is studied in isolation. The programme is also very visual and accessible, helping to build mathematical resilience and improve student autonomy when solving problems.

Schools can use their National Tutoring Programme funding towards the cost of the scheme. As we’ve kept the cost of our tuition the same this academic year GCSE Maths Foundations costs as little as £7.16 per pupil per session.

This is our first fully-resourced Maths scheme of work and follows the successful launch of two English programmes – Literature Lit Up for KS3 students and Puppies and Pirates for KS2.

Matt Wallis, Tutor Trust’s Director of Training and Quality Assurance, says: 

We’re really excited to launch the GCSE Maths Foundations programme for Key Stage 4 students. This scheme of work addresses a need highlighted to us by our partners and tutors to focus on key areas and has a clear and tangible objective to improve pupil attainment in Maths by at least one grade. 

We have designed this resource to be as visually engaging and accessible as possible and to build their confidence by using the 'Try, Test, Trip’ model of giving students gradually more difficult problems as they progress.

As with all our programmes, we make the process of working together as easy as possible. Our coordinators and tutors will set up and deliver the tuition sessions, freeing up your teaching team's time. We also offer flexible delivery of the tutoring blocks – one hour per week over 15 weeks, or two one-hour sessions per week in a seven-and-a-half-week intensive programme.

To find out more, contact [email protected] or watch our video below

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