Join Vicky in this month’s insightful podcast "What's in Your Tutoring Toolkit?" as she explores with two of our exceptional tutors, Viv, and Dawn (pictured above), how they craft high-impact tutoring sessions.

Educators possess a unique set of skills, strategies, and tools that create those "Aha!" moments in their students. Within their metaphorical grab bag, they carry tips, tricks, and routines that lead to successful tutoring sessions. From crafting engaging lesson plans to building strong connections with learners, every element contributes to student growth.

One valuable tool our tutors use to nurture relationships with their students is the Snap Survey. This simple and effective get-to-know-you game was developed through Tutor Trust's collaboration in a Randomised Control Trial commissioned by the Education Endowment Foundation and carried out by the Behavioural Insights Team. It aims to increase attendance at tuition sessions by finding common interests. All our tutors utilise the Snap Survey, and there’s more information on this vital tool on our website.

From using gamification to engage young learners, to being able to shape tuition sessions to meet an individual pupil’s needs, Viv and Dawn have a range of instruments they use.

Find out how empowerment and curiosity can be powerful tools too, and how crucial rapport is in creating an impactful learning environment.

For Viv, the focus is on having a holistic approach, and being aware that tuition doesn’t happen in a bubble, as pupils may well have other things going on in their lives. And that regular check-ins will help build confidence in pupils, as well as their receptiveness to learning.

And for Dawn, supporting pupils to learn is also about creativity.

She explains: “Quite often you get asked by schools to focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar. So it's good to have some spy games. I quite often get pupils to be word detectives and find errors in a text.”

Hear more about how encouraging pupils to invite the cast of Macbeth to a dinner party can help aid the recollection of quotes, and why an extract from 1984 can prompt a great discussion amongst tutees and then be used as the start of an exercise to develop persuasive writing skills.

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Whether you're an experienced tutor or just starting out, this episode provides valuable insights and inspiration. Viv and Dawn generously share their favourite strategies from their tutoring toolkit, honed through their extensive experiences in the field.

Join us as we explore innovative approaches to student engagement, including empowering students, fostering creativity in lessons, and incorporating drama and quizzes. Viv and Dawn's practical wisdom will inspire you to bring fresh ideas into your sessions, nurturing a genuine love for learning.

If you're a tutor seeking to invigorate your sessions or expand your repertoire, this episode is a must-listen. So, grab your notebook, sit back, and get ready to dive into our tutoring toolkit!