We are delighted at the performance of our Year 6 tutees in Greater Manchester and Leeds, many of whom have achieved outstanding success in their SATs. At the start of tuition, only 27% of our primary pupils were working at the expected level for their age; by the end of tuition, 72% of our tutees were identified by teachers as working at the expected level, and 75% of our Year 6 pupils achieved the expected standard in SATs tests.*

An example of the difference our tutors make can be seen in the work of Iona Charter and Jasmine Hill at Shakespeare Primary School in Burmantofts, Leeds. 59.1% of the pupils at Shakespeare qualify for Pupil Premium and 72% speak English as an additional language. Shakespeare has been recognised as ‘School of The Year’ in the Leeds Compassionate City Awards 2018, in recognition of the staff’s dedication to providing the best for all children. Tutor Trust is part of this strategy, and we are pleased to have partnered with the school for a third consecutive academic year.

This year, tuition was part of the school’s targeted provision plan for children who qualify for Pupil Premium; tuition in Maths for KS2 students was provided for identified children to close the attainment gap and make good progress.  Tuition began in January this year with eight children receiving two hours of tuition per week. All the children were working below their age-related expectation. The desired outcome of the tuition set by the school was that all the pupils would achieve a scaled score of 100 on their SATs, and an increase in their confidence, attitude and enjoyment.

Becky Wilson, Assistant Head Teacher, said, “We thought the tutors were great, but the outcomes spoke for themselves.” Through the work of tutors, Jasmine Hill and Iona Charter, seven children achieved the Expected Standard of a 100+ scaled score and one student achieved Greater Depth.

These are a brilliant set of results, but as Becky Wilson states, the best part of working with The Tutor Trust was “witnessing children's confidence levels and ability improve at a rate of knots as a result of the perfect pairing of quality teaching and hardworking tutors.”

The tutors involved in the assignment enjoyed working at this school and saw marked improvement in their students’ attainment. Jasmine Hill, a tutor working at Shakespeare Primary, commented that the sessions boosted their confidence in maths, and I often had pupils returning to me with multiple stories about how they could answer all of the questions in class.” One of the tutees, Aysha, had this to say about her tuition experience: You're with just one person so you feel like you can ask questions without everyone staring.”

Julian Gorton, Headteacher, comments - “Tutoring has yet again proved a great success this year.… Pupils are more confident in class as they know if they don't understand it straight away, they can go through again at their own pace with their tutor. Tutoring really does transform children from question-shy-Maths-dreaders into high achieving, well rounded mathematicians.”  


*These figures are based on 768 KS2 pupils across 50 schools in Greater Manchester and Leeds that have provided us with pre and post-tuition pupil data. The SATs figures are based on 653 Year 6 pupils who received tuition.