Congratulations on your new job! What is it you’ll be doing and where?

I will be working as a graduate geo-environmental engineer with a company in Manchester. I will be working both in the office and out on site, taking samples and writing up reports. It is really exciting as I have always loved the land contamination side of environmental science so I am realising my dreams!

What will you miss most about university life?

I will miss the flexible timetable. There were some hours that were mandatory to attend but I liked choosing lectures, seminar times and hours for private study. That is also a reason why I liked working for The Tutor Trust. The hours were so flexible and it fit so well around my studies.

What will you miss most about The Tutor Trust?

I will definitely miss working with my pupils! I love the rewarding feeling when a student starts to understand a topic that they couldn't quite grasp before or when they say, "I used to hate maths!”  I will also really miss the team at the Tutor Trust. I tutor primary and Suzanna has been brilliant, and before her James was brilliant too!

How and why did you first get involved with The Tutor Trust?

I first got involved with The Tutor Trust because I was thinking about doing teaching and the majority of my prior work experience had been in primary schools. I also liked the idea of enhancing my professional development alongside my university studies. I think it looks great on your CV to say that you worked whilst attending university because it shows you have good time management skills.

What was the most challenging thing about tutoring?

I think that one of the most challenging things about tutoring was behaviour management. It is really important to adopt and implement schools' reward/behaviour system as it helps to let the children know that they should behaviour with you just as they do their class teacher. I also think that it is challenging to differentiate work for pupils across the ability range and ensure that the needs of each individual student within your tutor group have been met. I was glad that we covered this in training!

What do you think tuition has taught you the most?

I think that tutoring really taught me to manage my time effectively. I could see an improvement over the years with my university work too, as I managed my workload to ensure I wasn’t allowing my grades to slip alongside my commitments to my tutees. It has also taught me organisation and planning skills, which are always transferable to university work and jobs (as I have just discovered!).

Are there any pearls of wisdom you would like to offer to any new tutors joining us?

Talk to fellow tutors that work at the same schools as you and share resources with one another. Liaise regularly with the staff at the school to ensure the correct topics are covered (as it is a lot more beneficial to the pupils!) and always act on advice given by the teachers regarding individual students!