By Theo Hall
⏱Monday 23rd January 2023

While Theo Hall may be one of the newest members of our staff team, he is already more than familiar with what we do.

Theo joined us as University Recruitment Coordinator in early January, and it felt, he says, like coming home! Having tutored with us for just over two years, Theo was already familiar with many of the Recruitment Team and Merseyside Coordinators, so choosing to start his professional career with us, seemed like the next logical step, he says.

While studying a Master’s degree in Art in Science at LJMU (Liverpool John Moores University), Theo joined us as a part-time Merseyside Secondary Science tutor, before getting more involved with the charity – first becoming a member of our Outreach Team to help us recruit more tutors, before also transfer training so he could also work with Primary pupils. And, because of the quality of his tutoring, Theo became an Advanced Tutor, and helped train and mentor new tutors.

Read on to see how Theo explored his interest in education and developed new skills through tutoring, and how tutoring can help you take the first steps into whatever career you choose.

“I can’t wait to … continue working towards our goal of ‘transforming lives through tutoring’.”


“I had always been interested in the idea of going into education so tutoring with Tutor Trust, while studying for my Master’s degree, seemed like a more rewarding job than the bar and kitchen work that I had done previously. Tutoring seemed like a great way to see if I enjoyed teaching, without committing to a PGCE.

“I began tutoring Secondary Science in November 2020, mainly with Year 10 and 11 pupils to prepare them for their GCSEs. While I was studying, I tutored one day a week and enjoyed it so much that I decided to continue after finishing university, and train in Primary (Maths and Reading) to broaden my options and experiences of tuition.

“My all-time favourite tuition moment was being able to do a microscopy practical as the last session before an assignment ended. Seeing the pupils enthusiastically engaging in a way that many of them didn’t at the beginning of the assignment was fantastic.

"I think the impact of tuition is amazing. Whether you see their eyes light up as they understand a topic they’ve been struggling with, or when you notice their increased confidence over a series of weeks, those moments make tutoring so rewarding.

“The flexibility of the work gives you agency: when studying, the ability to choose which assignments I could tutor meant that I never had to choose between work and study. This helped to ensure I had time and focus to do both my degree and tutoring to the best of my ability.

“Tutoring has made me a more confident person, both in myself and in how I relate to other people. As someone who struggled a lot with anxiety as a child and teenager, I would never have imagined having the confidence to stand up in front of students and tutor them. However, in the same way I have seen my tutees gain confidence through an assignment, I have seen it in myself.

“I’ve also learnt a lot about pedagogy as a tutor, which is a fascinating topic. This also fed into my Master’s as my research was focused on visual language in science education. The emphasis on CPD at Tutor Trust has meant that there’s always the option to learn new skills or brush up on your knowledge such as reinforcing good behaviour, self-reflection, and differentiation in tutoring sessions.

“The professional skills I've developed over my time working for Tutor Trust have definitely helped me prepare for a career. The time management and organisation skills needed for planning and delivering high quality lessons, alongside my work as an Outreach Team member, and studying for my Master’s, is really helping me transition into a full-time career. Tuition has also made me a more reflective person, as the best way to help pupils is to recognise your strengths and weaknesses in the tuition you’re delivering.

Theo talking to a prospective tutor at a University of Liverpool Careers Fair.

“After two years of tutoring, it’s time to close my textbooks… because I’ve started a new position with the charity as University Recruitment Coordinator.

“The combination of creative, analytical, and networking skills that I gained from being a Brand Ambassador have also translated really well into my new role as a Training Coordinator. I’m more confident than I would have been working with new software, handling data, and helping new and prospective tutors with their applications and training.

“So far, as a University Recruitment Coordinator, I have been learning how to coordinate and conduct interviews for new tutors, as well as coordinate and facilitate their training. As part of the Recruitment Team, I’ll also still be going out to careers events. The Tutor Trust’s commitment to CPD extends to the office staff as well as the tutors, so I’m excited to keep on learning and growing my professional skills whilst working towards the charity’s aim of tackling educational inequality.”

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Date of publication: 23/01/2023