Much of our work with pupils takes place during the school day on the school premises however, where appropriate a small portion of our work may be carried out in the home. This may involve our tutors coming to the home to work one-to-one with a young person or it may take place online. If this type of tuition is planned by the school, we will contact parents or carers to discuss the arrangements and explain how the process will work.

For in-home assignments parents or carers and the pupils will meet the tutor and co-ordinator in an introductory meeting where discussion covering how the tutoring will work, expectations, safeguarding and a risk assessment take place. Tutors provide feedback for parents or carers following each session. Our tutors do not work alone in the home with a pupil so it is important to understand that an additional adult must be present in the home throughout a tutoring session.

Please note that our referrals come from schools, and not directly from parents/carers. However, parents can approach the child’s school, Virtual School or social worker and request that a referral is made.