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Our 2023 Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report showcases the real-life stories and projects behind our successes in the last academic year.

The cover of Tutor Trust's 2023 Impact Report. A young male tutor wearing a blue shirt and tie is stood to the back of two secondary-aged male pupils wearing school uniform. At the bottom and to the side of the image are decorative patterns.

Our Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report, published in November 2023, showcases the impact our tutors made on young people's attainment, confidence and enjoyment of learning.

Our 2023 Impact Report, published in November 2023, showcases our many achievements and highlights from the last academic year.  

This year 2022/2023 saw us partner with the National Tutoring Programme for the third consecutive year, and also marked the arrival of our new CEO Ed Marsh. We also reached an incredible number of young people across Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, and Merseyside. Here’s just a snapshot of our successes from last year: 

  • We reached 6,480 pupils.
  • We delivered 7,627 tutoring programmes – a record for us! 
  • We also supported 162 pupils through our specialist Tutoring Plus service. 
  • We worked in 156 schools. 
  • 89% of our tutees received Pupil Premium and/or attended a school serving a low-income area. 
  • Also, almost all (97%) of the schools from last year who completed our school partner survey would recommend us to another school. 

As well as our headline achievements, the report includes real-life stories of the tutors, schools, and pupils that we’ve worked with – bringing to life the work that we do every day and reminding us of the positive change our tutoring can bring about. 


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