Tutor Trust is delighted to have been announced as a ‘Promising Project’ by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), as part of our ongoing partnership with the EEF. 

‘Promising Projects’ are EEF funded projects which show highly promising results when independently evaluated.  We are delighted that the results of our Randomised Control Trial, published in November 2018, are so strong that we are able to join this elite group of organisations and interventions.

We had always known that Tutor Trust works, and we are thrilled to be recognised by the EEF in this way.  The Randomised Control Trial provides us with gold standard evidence of the quality and impact of our work, especially with disadvantaged pupils.

This is a massive milestone for Tutor Trust as we seek to transform tuition across the North of England.  This ‘Promising Project’ status, together with the evidence of the positive impact we have on pupils’ attainment will, we hope, open doors to many, many more school partnerships in Greater Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

The EEF evaluation was a large-scale effectiveness study in the form of a randomised control trial, involving 105 primary schools and 1,290 pupils across Greater Manchester and Leeds.  The study examined the impact of Year 6 Maths tuition on KS2 SATS results in May 2017, with KS1 SATS results as the baseline.  EEF commissioned York Trials Unit (University of York) and Durham University to carry out the evaluation independently.  

The headline results of our evaluation are very strong: pupils in the intervention group who received our tuition made an additional 3 months of progress in Maths and 2 months progress in Reading compared with pupils in the control group.  On average, this additional progress was the outcome from just 12 hours of tuition, delivered on a 1:3 tutor to pupil basis.  The cost of the intervention was low, at just £112 per child. 

The security rating for this research is high (an impressive four ‘padlocks’ on the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit).  The primary schools in the EEF evaluation had twice the national average of pupils on Free Schools Meals, and the chosen tutees themselves were three times more likely to be on FSM than the national average. 

This ambitious research study was designed to test whether the Tutor Trust intervention worked under everyday conditions in a large number of schools, and we passed this test with flying colours.

As a charity, Tutor Trust is unique in offering a tuition service to schools that is high quality, high impact and yet low cost.  Our 2018 Impact Report shows that we help pupils achieve stronger outcomes from Year 5 through to Year 11 in Maths, English and Science.  We offer a proven intervention that boosts the attainment and the aspirations of the pupils we support.

We celebrated our 7th Birthday as a charity in September 2018 and we are now actively planning the next phase of our growth and success, jointly with the Education Endowment Foundation and other partners.  We want to boost still further both the quality and impact of our services and the number of cities and schools we can serve, in a sustainable way. 

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Full details of the Tutor Trust RCT and our 2018 Impact Report can be found here.