March is Women’s History Month here in the UK, and next week, 8 March is International Women’s Day.  

As the education sector comes to terms with the extent of learning lost over Covid, and the additional challenges many young people are facing in their education, it’s important that we remember the value of highlighting the amazing work of women in different industries. As an organisation offering young people role models through our tutors, we understand the value of seeing women represented in multiple different fields.

However, despite the amazing progress made in women’s education over recent years, there are still issues of gender bias within so many aspects of the working world. Even with many interventions and calls to get more girls interested in studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths,  women still make up only 14% of all people working in STEM in the UK. In the world of sport, whilst women make up roughly 40% of all professional athletes worldwide, they receive only 4% of coverage from sports media. Across all sectors, women and girls are still working against gender bias, which is why the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is so relevant.

Our vision here at Tutor Trust is “to be a part of an education system that provides excellence, equity and opportunity to every child and young person in the UK.” Being constantly aware of what barriers children and young people are facing in their access to education is vital to ensuring that we’re always providing the best tutoring possible. As well as keeping our staff and tutors informed about these developing conversations, we’re always providing up-to-date resources that help diversify tutoring sessions for pupils.

This year, to help celebrate Women’s History through highlighting the amazing work of women in education and beyond. We’ll be adding more lesson plans that introduce the work of female writers, scientists, and mathematicians, such as our reading comprehension exercise on the poet Amanda Gorman (which our tutors can find on their training platform Thinqi!)

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