Tutor Trust is excited to be starting an amazing transformational journey! We’re passionate about building strong and effective relationships with schools, and between our tutors and tutees, to create #TheMagicOfTuition and allow pupils to reach their true potential.

Thanks to some external funding we have the opportunity to develop our digital communications. This will make it easier for schools to find out about us, and partner with us – and your insights are key to turning this into a reality! Our brief survey will inform our new digital strategy and enable us to develop new digital products to help us better support our schools, tutors, and tutees.

We’d love to hear your views in this two-minute survey, to find out what you think about us, and what we do. We would really value your feedback so that we can create an even more powerful and impactful service for everyone.

Take our motivations survey here!

Ed Marsh, Chief Executive of Tutor Trust, agrees this is crucial in developing powerful digital tools to create an even greater impact for pupils.

“We’re enormously grateful to our funders for their generous support of this project. They know how important it is for us to connect with our partners in a way that works for them so that we can create truly impactful relationships that transform lives.

This survey will enable us to better understand our partners and any challenges they may face. It’s the first step in creating inclusive digital communications – including a new website – to better serve our existing partners, and potential partners, in the future.”

The survey is the launchpad for our digital journey, and your insights as to what we do, and what you expect from us, are critical. Please do take a couple of minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for being a part of this exciting process!

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