As the Quality Manager, it is my responsibility to make sure that every tuition lesson is as good as it can be.  This begins with ensuring all training is of a high quality for all tutors in areas such as safeguarding, meeting expectations of schools and the Tutor Trust and also subject specific training in primary and secondary maths and English.

Monitoring the quality of tuition is carried out by me over the year through lesson observations, lesson plan spot checks and Quality Support Meetings.  Having experience as a senior leader and Year 6 teacher in primary schools for over 14 years means that I can identify the good practice in tuition lessons happening in schools every day across Greater Manchester and Leeds and share this with other tutors and schools.

Supporting schools and tutors with making tuition even better is done through feeding back to tutors after monitoring, reviewing progress of tuition with school staff and tutors and also organising CPD for tutors to attend.  This CPD is always based on what tutors need so that they can be even better at delivering tuition.  It has included lesson planning and behaviour management and if not led by a member of the Tutor Trust staff and experienced tutors, it may also be led with one of our partner organisations such as Teach First.

All of this contributes to high quality tuition so that students have every opportunity to achieve their potential.  This is best achieved when tutors, the Tutor Trust and schools work together.