The 2017/8 academic year proved another tremendous success for the Tutor Trust.  The excellent work the charity has done in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool could not have happened without the help of all the tutors across these cities.  To say thank you, our Tutor Coordinator Ben Pliener organised events in all three cities, recognising and rewarding our tutors for their time and effort.  At these events, as well as being provided with food and drinks, our most dedicated tutors received special awards to celebrate their work.

Tutors attending the Leeds End of Year Event

For the Manchester and Leeds tutors, there were a number of different awards, which included: the best tutors at specific subjects; the “Rookie of the Year” award for the best tutor from the 2017/8 cohort; the “Golden Oldie” award for the best tutor from the previous cohorts; the “Saving our Bacon” award for the tutor that we could most rely on when difficult situations arose; the “Rambling” award for the tutor most willing to travel the extra distance; and the best tutor with Looked After Children (LAC).  As the Tutor Trust started working in Liverpool just this year, there was a single award specifically for Liverpool Tutors: The Best Liverpool Tutor.

As all our tutors do excellent work, deciding which tutors were to win these awards was a significantly challenging task.  However, a decision had to be made and congratulations to all those that won.

These tutors really are the best of the best -

  • The Best Manchester Secondary Maths and Science Tutor:  Rose Owen
  • The Best Leeds Secondary Maths Tutor: Gemma Joynes
  • The Best Manchester Secondary English Tutor: Alix Long
  • The Best Leeds Secondary English Tutor: Tom Grieves
  • The Best Manchester Primary Tutor: Matthew Wood
  • The Best Leeds Primary Tutor: Catrina Nisbett
  • Manchester “Rookie of the Year” Award: Angelique Billinge
  • Leeds “Rookie of the Year” Award: Bimpe Adeyemi
  • Manchester “Golden Oldie” Award: Nikki Kaur
  • Leeds “Golden Oldie” Award: Vasileios Koutsampeloulis
  • The “Saving our Bacon” Award: Grace Johnston
  • Best Liverpool Tutor: Chloe Peters
  • Best LAC Tutor: Amjad Husien
  • The “Rambling” Award: Charley Hembrow

Everyone who attended one of the events had a great time – in fact, the only complaint we received was that the event ended too early.  Catrina Nisbett, one of our Leeds tutors, said “I think it went really well, it was a good chance to socialise with other tutors but, in my opinion, it was too short.  On the other hand it has made me want another event soon!

Tutors attending the Manchester End of Year Event

Ben said that “it’s at events like this that you can really see the satisfaction tutors receive from their work.  Everyone was discussing inspirational tuition stories while celebrating another year of the Tutor Trust.

Our tutor Grace Johnston, who studied English Language for Education at the University of Manchester, said:

"The event was a great way to end a wonderful year of tutoring. It was really nice to meet up with tutors I’ve worked with in the past, and of course to see some new faces! Everyone really enjoyed the awards ceremony - it was great to get some recognition for our hard work! Overall, it was a brilliant night with brilliant company. A great event for the Tutor Trust family!"

Grace receiving her award at the Manchester End of Year Event