June is Pride Month, established to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969 in New York.  It’s an opportunity to reflect on the issues and challenges that LGBTQ+ groups have faced, the progress made, and the issues that still face such communities in today’s society.

We’re proud to be an inclusive organisation that celebrates the diversity of our tutors, staff team, and our tutees. Everyone deserves a great education and great opportunities in life, and we enable a safe learning environment in which individuals can thrive.

Last year, we shared a blog from Megan, one of our Brand Ambassadors, on achieving inclusivity in the classroom. Since then, we’ve uploaded and continue to upload lots of resources, that are inclusive, for our tutors to their learning platform Thinqi.  

We’re keen to reach out to motivated individuals to train as tutors with us, and also to network in our local communities to share what we do with as many people as possible.  As part of this, we attended Bury Pride at the end of April (you can read more on Instagram). It was great to connect with the local community, network with potential new tutors, find out more about the great work of other local organisations, and walk in the Pride ‘Rainbow Parade’ procession.

We really enjoyed being part of this event and we’re looking ahead to other events this summer. We’ll be at:

  • Oldham Pride on 23 July. It’s a weekend event, and we’ll be there on Saturday to be part of the fun, whilst also letting individuals know how they can make a difference in their local community.
  • Liverpool Pride on 30 July. We’re hoping to be part of the big walking parade and have a community stall.

If you want to see us sooner than then, we’ll be at Manchester Day on Sunday 19 June.

We’re always keen to get involved with local community events, so if you’re part of a local organisation, please get in touch.