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A female tutor with long dark hair, wearing a multi-coloured green, beige and brown jumper, is talking across a desk to a female primary-school pupil with auburn hair wearing a red top. The pupil's back is to the camera. She is writing in an exercise book.

Reports highlight positive perception of tutoring

Today sees the release of two new publications, both giving positive perspectives on tutoring. These reports reinforce the view that, done well, tutoring is an effective intervention that can make a real difference to learners.

A tutor shows a group of pupils a page on a website relevant to their work

Promising news for the future of tutoring

Permanent and widespread access to tuition has been part of the agenda at the Liberal Democrats’ Annual Conference this weekend. Lib Dem education spokesperson Munira Wilson has proposed a £390m annual investment for schools, sixth forms and colleges to provide 12-week tuition programmes to 1.75m children.

Abigail stands outside the distinctive door of Number 10 Downing Street, holding a copy of the Tutor Trust's 2022 Impact Report

NTP boosted for another year

We're delighted that the Government has announced an increase in National Tutoring Programme funding for schools