Download our 2021 Impact Report here

Our special 2021 10th anniversary Impact Report, published in November 2021, showcases the remarkable work our tutors, partnering with schools across Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside, have done to support pupils since we were founded.

From our first tutoring session at Whalley Range 11-18 High School back in February 2012, we have supported over 26,000 pupils in almost 700 schools and have recruited and trained 3,300 tutors. In 2016/17, our randomised control trial provided us with gold-standard evidence that our model works.  We are delighted to have been able, with the support of funders and partners, to scale up our work considerably as a Tuition Partner of the National Tutoring Programme.

The report also tells the story of 2020/21, which was a year of remarkable growth in the face of challenges for Tutor Trust. Despite the ongoing disruptions of Covid-19, we worked with 6,303 pupils in 215 schools, which is more than double the number of pupils we have supported in any previous academic year. 61% of the pupils we worked with were disadvantaged, and 18% had special educational needs or disabilities. The report highlights our pupils’, tutors’ and schools’ resilience during the pandemic – a time in which we were needed more than ever, but which posed continual challenges. Our school partners were grateful for the support our tutors provided to pupils, with 94% of those who completed the School Partner Survey agreeing that they would recommend us to another school.

Due to the cancellation of SATs and the change in the GCSE awarding system for the second year running, we chose not to focus the report on pupil outcomes data, as we did not believe it was comparable with previous years. However, we are delighted that 72% of our Year 11 pupils received a GCSE Grade 4 or above in their tutoring subject.

It was also the year in which we took part in our second successful Randomised Control Trial (RCT), commissioned by the EEF, which was designed to boost engagement and attendance by pupils at Secondary school tuition sessions.

Throughout, we have continued to invest in the future, building new, scalable and robust technology platforms and expanding our staff team and board. And, as we look forward, we are developing new partnerships to ensure that we can support the needs of the whole child. Our pioneering The Right Angle partnership, which combines tutoring with counselling from our sister charity TLC: Talk, Listen, Change, was established in 2018 and is proven to have a positive effect.  Research into the partnership by Impacted, published in March 2022, made four key findings about the benefits of this dual-pronged approach in helping marginalised young people unlock their learning and academic potential.  The Right Angle has more recently being joined by a new partnership with The Prince’s Trust, in which pupils receive both tutoring and support with life skills as part of the ‘Achieve’ programme.

We thank all schools, funders, partners and tutors for their support over the past ten years and hope you will continue to support us on our journey.

In 2021/2022, we continued to grow.  At the end of the academic year, we had worked with 6,659 young people, delivered 35,000 hours of high-quality tuition and partnered with 197 schools.

You can read the full story of the successes of 2021/2022 in our next Impact Report, to be published in Autumn 2022.