As exam season continues with GCSEs starting this week, we’re wishing all our dedicated Year 11 tutees good luck!  

All the skills and techniques they’ve learned from their inspirational tutors will stand them in good stead when they get into the exam hall. We know they will give it their all!

Over the last academic year, we’ve supported almost 2,800 secondary school pupils, with almost 1,400 of them in Year 11 ready to sit their exams their Maths, English and Science, with our specialised Easter Clubs giving an additional boost to learning, alongside sessions on exam technique.

Whilst our Chief Executive Ed Marsh is in his first exam season at Tutor Trust, he knows all about the importance of exam preparation – and feeling confident in your subject – from his previous university roles.

“Having seen tuition sessions in action, including our Easter booster club, I know that our tutees and their tutors have put in an awful lot of work to be exam ready,” he says.  “I’ve seen our tutors tailor the sessions to each pupil, enabling them to build up their confidence in each topic.

“I know that some may find the next few weeks challenging – both pupils and their families – but that self-belief, coupled with the hard work they’ve put in over the last few months, should put our Year 11s in a really good place to succeed now, and in the future. I know they’ve got this!”

Our tutees appreciate the support they have from their tutors. One Year 11 pupil at Our Lady’s RC High School in Greater Manchester, was very enthusiastic about her English tuition, and would do it again if she had the chance. She said: “I really liked my tutor Miss Dryburgh, she was really good at teaching us. I learnt things that I didn't know before which I am now able to apply in lessons and my essays with confidence.”

Our team of tutors have been encouraging their pupils to aim high whilst not only supporting them in their subject but also helping them develop social skills relevant to all areas of their school lives.

Ian Hepke, Assistant Headteacher at St Francis of Assisi Academy in Merseyside, said in the last School Partner Survey: “The Tutors delivered high-quality sessions, worked well with and developed good relationships with our students. The communication was always really good and they were reliable.”

In the last year, we’ve worked with 114 secondary school partners across Greater Manchester, Leeds-Bradford and Merseyside, to support pupils across Years 7 to 11.

By delivering tuition in small groups, with between one and three pupils, tutors get to know their tutees well, enabling them to tailor the sessions to the individual child, working with their strengths to help their young learners succeed.