Aaron Durn

West Yorkshire Full-Time Tutor

Aaron worked as a part-time tutor for Tutor Trust whilst studying Geology at the University of Leeds. He fell in love with the style of work and, following completion of his degree in 2022, gave up his pursuit of all things crystallographic to dedicate himself to tutoring maths and science. In March 2023, Aaron joined our West Yorkshire Team as a Full-Time Tutor. Aaron has a keen eye for producing maths lessons focused on engaging and out-of-the-box teaching styles. He brings to the table an enthusiastic persona and deep subject knowledge, which he combines with a love of puzzles.

Aaron says: "I find that working for Tutor Trust allows me to access the fun side of the education industry: that is, working with all sorts of brilliant young people on a level where they have as much an impact on me, as I do (hopefully positively) on them. The work sits in this lovely vacuum sheltered from the drain of actual teaching and I can’t think of a job where I would have more fun."