James joined Tutor Trust in January 2022, after having studied BA French & Spanish and MA Film Studies at The University of Manchester, whilst also tutoring part-time in Secondary Maths and for Tutoring Plus. He also brings varied experience in corporate communications, relationship management, business process improvement, and social media marketing. 

In his current role, James supports our digital growth by managing our social media channels, supporting colleagues with branding, and working on behind-the-scenes digital development. 

When he’s not filming Insta vids or writing LinkedIn content, James enjoys travelling, cooking, cinema trips, and speaking French and Spanish. 

He says: “Being part of the full-time team after having tutored means I have a 360° perspective of the charity. Now, I can use digital to showcase the benefits of tutoring that I felt working in the classroom. Coming from a similar background to some of the young people we work with, I’m passionate about educational equity as a tool for social mobility. I love working in the third sector as I can use tech for good.”

Featured content from the author

Featured content from the author

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