We've worked in Broomwood Primary School for a number of years and completed over 100 hours of tuition there in the 2016/17 academic year.  The number of students at the school who are entitled to the pupil premium is above average and one of the key areas of praise in their last OFSTED report was their use of the additional funding on services like ours to close gaps in attainment for disadvantaged students. 

Carl Bridge, a year 6 teacher, provided positive feedback about our tuition, saying that tutor Anna Crinnion "was very professional in her work and always produced her feedback in a clear and punctual manner."  Anna was also positive about the experience, saying that that the children had told her that they'd learnt a lot, but had also enjoyed it.  She discussed the approach that she'd developed to teaching, saying

"I think the children engage when they know that you want them to do well and have confidence in them, as long as the lesson is planned with flexibility, because the lesson must be adaptable to the needs of a diverse group of children."

This flexibility was reflected positively upon by Mr Bridge, who said "she was also always very open to changes of timetable that can happen in a busy primary school."  Anna has a lengthy background of tutoring and working with young people and said that she was particularly drawn to working for The Tutor Trust because of our commitment to reducing the attainment gap and the opportunity to aid this mission whilst being paid.