The Tutor Trust started working with Corpus Christi Catholic College in Leeds in the 2014/2015 Academic year.  While working mostly with GCSE students in year 11, tutoring sessions have also been taking place with students in years 7 to 10.  Jane Sugden told The Tutor Trust that one of the best aspects of working with us is that we are "extremely flexible" and can come in for even just one hour a day if that is needed. 

Nyall Thompson thought tutoring at Corpus Christi was a great experience and had this to say,  

"As someone who had never been in a teaching role before, I would say that tutoring maths at [Corpus Christi] was incredibly rewarding and very easy to adjust to after the training provided by The Tutor Trust. Overall, I'd say my experience with The Tutor Trust was top notch and would advise anyone considering applying to do so!" 

Not only did Nyall enjoy working at the school but he enjoyed the social aspects of The Tutor Trust.  Through the regular activates organised for the tutors that he attended he "found the staff and the tutors to be an extremely friendly bunch" and highly recommends tutors attend as many as possible.