The Tutor Trust started work with the Delta Academies Trust in the 2016/17 academic year working in two of their schools; De Lacy Academy in Pontefract and The South Leeds AcademyManina Tyler-Mort, the Director of Mathematics for the Delta Academies Trust, believed that one of the best aspects of The Tutor Trust was allowing the students to interact with good role models.  Furthermore, it was extremely flexible and really "took the stress out of recruiting tutors" as the process was all completed by The Tutor Trust itself.  De Lacy Academy had a really good relationship with the tutors and specifically asked for Ben Pliener to continue tutoring with them in 2017/18 when his sessions ended for the summer. 

When asked about his time at De Lacy Academy Ben stated that, 

"It was great working at De Lacy Academy. While I only worked one day a week there, I really felt like part of the Maths department due to the support and friendliness of the staff. Not only do I believe the children gained confidence and improved their mathematical skills in the sessions but I also gained considerable experience in working as a teacher. I tutored students ranging from the lowest set of Year 8 to those doing the Further Mathematics GCSE." 

Furthering his experience as working as a teacher, Ben was involved in preparing the rooms for the exams and marking mock papers.  Ben stated that "while tutoring is different to teaching a full class, if you are considering a career in teaching then working for The Tutor Trust is a great way to see what working in a school is like." 

However, what Ben considered one of the most satisfying moments in his tutoring occurred at South Leeds Academy.  One of his students found an exam really difficult and the teachers asked Ben to talk to him as they had a good relationship. Ben said about this experience that it

"not only made me feel appreciated but it really showed me that these sessions aren't just about teaching the children maths. It's about creating that positive connection with them both personally and in the school environment. Tutors are people that the students can approach with problems they may not approach a teacher about."