2016/17 was the first year that we've worked with Farsley Farfield Primary School in Leeds.  When Kate Heap, the Assessment Leader, was asked why they started working with The Tutor Trust she said that they were “really hoping to get a more personalised approach in the way that [they] were helping and supporting [their] targeted pupil premium children… and really hoping to raise the aspirations of these children and find some new positive role models.”

When asked how the sessions had gone in practice Kate stated that,

“The tutors were professional, well-organised, came in well prepared, they’ve always come in with a positive attitude and a smile on their face ready to meet the children. They have been absolutely lovely with the children. They have formed fantastic relationships with them and the children are so excited to see them every week.”

The great relationship with the children meant that “it has not just been an academic exercise for the children but it’s really helped their personal growth and their confidence.”

When asked if they have seen the impact of The Tutor Trust she gave the example of a girl in year 6 where “at the beginning of the year she was achieving about 13% of her year 5 and 6 spelling words and on a recent assessment she was up to 96% of her words.”  She also said that across the board the tutors have improved all of the children’s “confidence and their enthusiasm and the approach to their learning” and that when the children return to their classes they are “so excited, so pleased and proud to show it off to their teachers and the rest of their class."