Beginning tuition in 2017/18, Holly Lodge Girls’ College in Liverpool was one of The Tutor Trust’s first partner schools in Liverpool.  We continued to work with Holly Lodge in 2018/19 where three of our tutors worked with a group of twenty-six students from Year 7, who had been chosen in order to help bridge the gap between primary and secondary school Maths work.

One of the tutors who took part in this assignment was Maddie Robins, who is currently studying Biological and Medical Sciences at the University of Liverpool.  Maddie thoroughly enjoyed working with Year 7 pupils, stating “The age group [Y7] is a good one to teach and the kids are responsive and willing to learn.” 

The Maths Curriculum Leader from Holly Lodge, Clare McGorian, was delighted with the tuition the students received and positive about a continued partnership between Holly Lodge and The Tutor Trust.  She said:

The Tutor Trust has been an invaluable resource for the school this year. The tutors have built up excellent relationships with the students and have taken all 26 students from non-secondary ready to secondary ready in 9 weeks. The tutors have been very professional throughout the program and have adapted to the many challenges and changes the school faces on a daily basis. We will be sorry to see them leave and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again in the future.”