Manchester Academy are one of our longest standing partner schools, with our first session delivered there in June 2013.  It is one of the secondary schools in which we deliver tuition in English, Maths and Science.  With 32 tutors in school across all three subjects, we have provided academic support for just under 100 pupils at Manchester Academy during 2016/17, including Year 10 and 11 pupils, as well as Looked After Children.

We have had 15 Maths tutors in Manchester Academy this year, working on a 1:3 basis and helping pupils to prepare for their GCSE exams, and this seems to have had a great impact on the pupils’ work.  When the school compared Maths results from before Christmas with the testing they did before the Easter holidays, all pupils made improvements, and fourteen pupils moved up from ‘Foundation’ to ‘Higher’ on at least one paper.  Six of these pupils even went from ‘Foundation’ to ‘Higher’ in all three Maths papers.

Teresa Murphy, Head of Maths, has been delighted with tuition, saying:

“Our Year 11 students were very appreciative of the help and support given to them by the tutors from The Tutor Trust – they have been brilliant and provided excellent additional support and guidance for our students. The extra tuition helps our Year 11 students’ confidence in Maths, and it improves the aspirations of our students too. The Year 11 students enjoy learning about degrees and studying at University from the tutors.”

Our tutors seemed to enjoy the tuition as well. Shaun Barton, one of the Maths tutors who also does Looked After Children work at the school, said: “Manchester Academy has always been one of my favourite schools to work in.  The students are always so appreciative of the work that tutors do and I think the students would agree that the benefits of tuition have really been evident.”

We will be working in Manchester Academy again in 2017/18, delivering tuition in English, Maths and Science.  We are discussing the possibility of doing Year 9 tuition.