Middleton Primary School is located in Leeds and 59.3% of pupils received pupil premium funding in 2017/18, a figure far higher than the national average of 24.3%. As part of the randomised control trial we carried out in Year 6 Maths tuition, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation, Middleton were in the control group.  We have carried out Year 6 Maths tuition in Middleton ever since.

In 2018/19, Chloe Badge carried out tuition at Middleton whilst also studying at the University of Leeds. Chloe comments on her experience tutoring; 

“The pupils were really enthusiastic and motivated from beginning to end. Having the same children consistently for the whole year allowed me to develop a positive relationship with them and helped me understand how each of them work most effectively. A particularly inspiring moment was when four of them arrived one day desperate to tell me that they had all improved their mark on a practice SATs paper.”

Furthermore, Sarah Tissiman the Assistant Head Teacher at Middleton states;  

“It has been fantastic working with the Tutor Trust. The children have really gained confidence in their maths work and have made excellent progress. We have now been working with the Tutor Trust for a number of years and is something that we value in school as part of our Year 6 interventions.”

With the support of our tutors, 67% of tutees achieved age-related expectations in their KS2 Maths SATs in 2018/19.