Mount St Mary’s was one of the first schools The Tutor Trust worked with in Leeds with the first sessions taking place in the 2014/2015 Academic year. In the 2016/2017 academic year we gave tuition for 4 hours a week and were informed by Paula Turner, the Assistant Headteacher, that the level of one third of the students that received tuition had improved between the winter and spring mock papers.

Both Joshua House and Chris Grimes, tutors working at Mount St Mary’s, praised the school for its organisation and the support of the teachers which allowed them to work with the students to the best of their abilities. Chris could see clear improvement in several of his students and when asked gave an example of one such student;

“I had one student who really struggled with trigonometry at the start of the sessions. However, after a few sessions where we worked on this he could do these questions with ease. His problem was that he regularly made questions hard for himself, trying to over think it, and with focused guidance he was able to move past this.”

Working with these students, Joshua also noted an important reason for these students to receive tuition. While some of them may have revised at home, many would have had little “initiative to work on subjects they struggled with at home. My tutoring meant they worked on these subjects in detail.”

Even though there were some changes in the students tutored through the year, both Chris and Joshua had good relationships with their students. Joshua said he “made a conscious effort to make a strong relationship and by the end the students knew [him] and they really bonded.” This relationship made it easier for the students to feel relaxed in the session and improved their willingness to focus and work.