Northmoor Academy is part of the Harmony Trust multi-academy group of schools in Oldham.  The Tutor Trust have been working in partnership with five schools in the Harmony Trust, including Northmoor, since January 2018 and up until SATs in May.  Fifteen pupils in Year 6 received over 50 hours of tuition in Reading from one of our tutors, Alice Burton.  Alice studied Zoology at the University of Manchester and was really positive about her experience saying,

It has been great seeing the children progress through this assignment; their confidence has improved vastly as well as the technical aspects of their writing. Comprehension is not everyone’s favourite activity, but they work hard each week, and this work clearly pays off as the fluency and accuracy of their answers gets better every time. I am very proud of all of my students at Northmoor!”

Andy Dunn, the Executive Deputy Principal at Northmoor Academy praised Alice and said, “Alice has been very professional.  She has a nice, calm manner with the children and everyone she deals with.”  He also recognised the impact of tuition and said,

“These sessions give the children more practice and has given them more confidence when tackling the questions. A lot of our children are 2nd language learners so explaining and discussing the vocabulary in the texts at the level of the SATs is extremely beneficial.”