Raynville Primary School located in Leeds has 44.1% of pupils receiving pupil premium funding.  Raynville started working with us by partnering with us on the EEF-funded randomised control trial in 2016/17. As part of the trial they received 4 hours of Year 6 Maths tuition in the lead up to SATs. We have kept up this strong partnership with Raynville since, and delivered the same model of tuition with them last year. Out of the 12 pupils who received tuition from us last year, 11 reached age-related expectations in KS2 Maths SATs in 2018.

Cathy Drummond, Maths Leader and Upper Key Stage 2 Leader at the school, praised Tutor Trust, saying,

“The tutors are enthusiastic and the children respond well to their lessons. It is really great to have young students who are working with the next generation. They are super role models and we are so pleased to have them at Raynville.”

As well as our tutoring work, we have further partnered with Raynville through their Year 6 teacher, Robbie Burns, who collaborated with us under his Teach First Summer Project to create resources for our 2-week summer school held in Salford in August 2018.  Robbie said, “My work with Tutor Trust as part of a Teach First Summer Project has been really beneficial to my everyday teaching practice. I have been able to have the space and time to a design Reading and Maths curriculum to help Year 6 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds be ready for high school.  In a similar sense to both Teach First and Tutor Trust, at Raynville Primary School, we strive to make sure that every one of our pupils is able to thrive both in their academic learning and their everyday lives.  It is wonderful to see the great work that your tutors do each week in our school - they are improving the life chances of some of the most vulnerable, giving them the confidence they need to achieve the very best.”