Our partnership with Shakespeare Primary School in Leeds began in 2016 as a result of our EEF funded randomised control trial, in which they took part as a control trial.  We have worked with Shakespeare Primary since then, and in 2018/19 had two tutors working with Year 6 pupils in groups of two to provide them with Maths tuition.

One of the tutors – Mairead Nolan, who is studying English Literature at University of Leeds and has been tutoring with us since December 2018 – said that “it's felt great to watch the pupils improve and see the positive impact that tutoring is having on their learning.  For example, one of my pupils really struggled with percentages when I first started tutoring and would groan whenever this topic came up, however by the end of the tutoring they loved answering them!  The pupils also often asked me questions about university, and it was great to be a role model and motivate them to get the grades they deserve!”

The teacher at Shakespeare Primary School, Rebekah Wilson, said that:

“It has yet again been a pleasure to see our children grow in confidence through time spent with their tutors. The academic achievements of our tutored pupils are always impressive but the immeasurable impact on the level of determination and resilience they show in their attitude to learning, just goes to show the power of a successful tutor relationship.”

We were delighted that 86% of tutees reached age related expectations and of that, 29% of pupils reached greater depth.  We look forward to continuing our work with Shakespeare Primary School in the 2019/20 academic year.