2016/17 was the first year that we've worked with St Anne's RC High School in Stockport.  Amjad Husien was employed as a Science tutor in March and conducted his sessions in the home of one of the school's LAC pupils.  The work we do with LAC pupils is some of our most vital; they are entitled to the highest rate of pupil premium funding and have been estimated to be as much as 40% less likely to achieve 5+ GCSE's (A*-C, including Maths and English).

SENCO coordinator Sue Hastings has reported that

"the carer has also been very impressed by Amjad and the student concerned has spoken very positively about him, he would certainly be happy to have him again as a tutor. Science teachers have also seen improvement."

Furthermore, this kind of intervention has had positive feedback from OFSTED.  In their 2014 report, the school's use of the pupil premium was identified as an area of concern, but more recently, the allocation of these funds has been reported to be a key area of improvement, with disadvantaged pupils 'making much better progress and in some instances are doing just as well as other pupils both in the school and nationally.'  Amjad is to continue with this assignment in the next academic year and the school intends to employ our services for another of their LAC pupils.

Though the majority of our tutors are students, Amjad is a fantastic example of a talented and committed non-student tutor.  An ex-doctor, Amjad joined us this year on recommendation from his daughter, who also tutors with us.  It is one of the many ways that he serves the community now that he is retired.  Amjad has become an involved member of The Tutor Trust community, having taken on an extensive number of assignments, especially in tutoring LAC students and attended a number of voluntary CPD events, including a session run by Frontline on teaching LAC pupils.

"The best thing about working with LAC children for me" he said

"is feeling that I am making a favourable difference in a child's life, and hopefully contributing towards compensating them for whatever disadvantages that they might have had to deal with. In addition to helping them with their education, I try to build up their confidence and reinforce their sense of self-worth. Witnessing the significant positive transformation in the child's motivation and attitude towards education, over a relatively short period of time, is very rewarding."