St. Paul’s CE Primary School (Crompton Street) is located in Salford and were an intervention school as part of the randomised control trial we carried out with our Year 6 Maths tuition, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.  23% of the pupils were eligible for pupil premium in 2017/18.  Year 6 pupils at the school received weekly tutoring from Francis Emmott for twelve weeks before their SATs and the school then continued to work with us after the trial.  Francis said “I was a tutor during the EEF project with St. Paul’s, working with Year 6 children in the run up to their SATs.  The pupils were focused, enthusiastic and engaged, and I was extremely pleased to see the great progress they made over the months.”  In 2017/18, the tutor – Aimee Nicole-Ryan – supported pupils in Year 6 in their KS2 Maths SATs so that, out of ten pupils, five achieved age-related expectations and four pupils achieved Greater Depth.

Yvette Sullivan, the headteacher of St Pauls CE Primary School, said

“The Tutor Trust ensured that through effective communication with school, the correct pupils were targeted, either 1-1 or in small groups, in order to ensure a positive impact on the outcomes for them, in attainment, progress, and in confidence and enjoyment in their learning.  The tutors have been flexible, have dealt with our pupils sensitively and professionally, and have always been well trained, ensuring that since the trial we have continued to use the Tutor Trust to support our pupil’s learning and would recommend them to other schools.” 

Sarah O’Reilly, the teacher in Year 6, rated us as ‘Excellent’ for organisation and communication between the Tutor Trust and school in our annual Staff Survey.  She also agreed that our tutors were well-trained to work with the pupils at St. Paul’s and in particular, Aimee “…was great at feeding back after the sessions.”  Aimee continues to support the new cohort of Year 6 pupils this academic year too.