St. Paul’s C of E Primary School is located in Stalybridge in Tameside local authority and approximately 60 pupils will receive pupil premium funding this year.  The school was in the intervention group as part of the randomised control trial we carried out with our Year 6 Maths tuition, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation in 2016/17.  As part of the trial, they received 3 hours of Maths tuition for their Year 6 pupils from our tutor Amy Roberts, who said, “The children at St. Paul’s were a pleasure to work with, they loved conquering new challenges and made great progress.”

Following the trial, our tutor – Robert Paterson – supported Year 5 pupils in the summer term to help prepare them for Year 6 and said, “I tutored 12 year 5 students at St Paul’s in groups of 3 to help boost their Maths ability before moving into Year 6.  I was working with successive groups throughout a whole school day and so formed great relationships with the school staff, who were extremely supportive.  I started and ended all of my sessions with Maths games, which helped to engage the students, particularly those who did not enjoy their Maths lessons.  I also worked 1:1 with a LAC child who, whilst behind on a number of Maths topics, had an inspiring work ethic and drive to succeed.”

We are very proud of our ongoing partnership with St Paul’s, and have carried out some LAC work there following on from the trial.  Lucy Crompton, SENCO and Deputy Head at the schools, said, “A looked-after child benefited enormously from the Tutor Trust.  The one to one support extended him further and gave him dedicated support and guidance.  Whilst personally there was turmoil in their life, these sessions provided some stability and esteem building which showed an impact within class.  They really enjoyed the sessions and looked forward to them each week.  The tutors were always professional and planned activities to meet individual needs based on information provided by the class teachers.”

During the 2017/18 academic year, our tutors continued to support those pupils in Year 6 who were nearly all working below national expectations.  Laura Moorhouse, KS2 Leader at St Paul’s, told us that

“out of the 12 students who had extra tuition for Maths, 10 of them reached the expected standard, which is a big success.” 

Simon Wright, the Headteacher, said in our annual staff survey that he was “…very pleased with the work carried out…” and would recommend the Tutor Trust to other schools.

St. Paul’s continue to work with us this year where tuition has already started in Year 6.