At Stanley Grove Primary Academy in Longsight, 51% of their pupils are entitled to free school meals, which is almost 20% higher than the national average (per the Manchester Evening News).  They have utilised our services for their disadvantaged pupils for a number of years and continue to report their effectiveness, with Lynne Hawkins, Phase Leader, saying that our tutors are "Excellent, punctual, well prepared, enthusiastic, knowledgeable.  The best we have had."

This enthusiasm was echoed by the tutors. When discussing her highlight from the year's tutoring, Shannon Schofield said

"my tutees completed mock exams in class and got their results back the day I had my session with them. One of the children who was really lacking in confidence at the beginning of the year came running into my session with his paper and a massive smile. He got an amazing result and he was so proud of himself, it was great to see how much he had changed from when I first met him and how much more confident he was in his abilities."

When discussing the unique advantages of working for The Tutor Trust, Iris Wong reflected on how rewarding it is to "help children to reach their highest goal despite their social background.  It is a wonderful way to pay back to the community and narrow the attainment gap."