Summerville Primary School in Salford was one of our partner schools in our transition project.  Ryan Hunt, a recent graduate in Music from the University of Manchester, delivered twelve weeks of Maths tuition to twenty-two Year 6 pupils between February and May 2018.  Maimoona Qureshi also completed over 8 hours of Maths tuition a week with the school's previous cohort of Year 6 during the EEF project in 2016/17.  Reflecting on her experience, Maimoona said that she was really pleased to “…assist the children in raising their bar of achievement."  Year 6 teacher Lorraine Charles was particularly pleased with how Maimoona supported the children saying "…she developed a good relationship with the children that she worked with." Maimoona was also positive about the rapport she had built with the children, saying that on her last day of tuition, the children came "…with flowers and a bright signed card to say goodbye".

The pupils at Summerville Primary achieved impressive results in their 2017/18 SATs, with almost all of them achieving the benchmark scaled score of 100 – Ryan Hunt’s tuition having complemented the work of teachers to contribute to such a positive outcome for these pupils.  One student progressed from a scaled score of 86 in a mock in January to achieving a scaled score of 103 in his Maths SATs! Lorraine, Year 6 teacher at Summerville, said

“Ryan has been fantastic. We had our meetings with parents this week and I thought I'd just pass on (once again!) how much the children say that they are enjoying their tutoring experience and how pleased the parents are that their children have access to this opportunity. The children have been bringing their 'Tutor Trust' methods back to the classroom and have taught me a thing or two in the process!”

We continue to support the Summerville pupils as they enter secondary school at Buile Hill Visual Arts College and Oasis Academy, Media City.