The Tutor Trust started working with Whingate Primary School in Leeds in the 2015/16 academic year.  In the last academic year Karen Loney, the Deputy Head of the School, had great things to say about their tutor, Jacob Fowler, stating that he “made a real difference to the children and has taken a genuine interest in their progress and attainment.”

Speaking with Jacob confirmed this, as when asked what he enjoyed most he said,

Something which has really made my experience at Whingate enjoyable has been getting to know the children over the course of a full year. By the end I knew the interests of each child, how they would react to whatever I’d planned, and the best way to get them engaged… This is the kind of thing that makes working for the Tutor Trust so rewarding, it’s very relaxing and you really feel like you get to know the children.”

At an individual level, Jacob helped his students improve dramatically.  In one example, one of the boys went from averaging around 30/120 (25%) to high 70’s (~65%).  However Jacob was filled with pride when he was informed all his students had passed their SATS and said he was “moved when they gave [him] a thank you card at the end of the year with a poem written especially for [him].”